Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Vacuum - I am in love with an Oreck and I don't care who knows it

Okay so my vacuum died about a week ago and living with two fluffy dogs makes it tough to not have one. We luckily have hardwood floors upstairs (aside from the rugs) and have a small dust buster like vacuum but it makes it tough to not be able to put Jackson on the floor and crawl around until I can get things cleaner.

I have seen these commercials for the Oreck vacuums forever...working nights there is not much on. :-) A woman at my work even had an Oreck party (I guess like a Mary Kay party) but I couldn't go.

Now one of the blogs I read (www.trying2staycalm) is having a giveaway but I never know if those are too good to be true...I am blessed with my family but I am unlucky when it comes to winning things so wish me luck.

On the note of cleaning carpets...I need to rent a carpet cleaner for the basement. Since we have moved in I cannot count how many people have spilled drinks down there. Seriously I should hand out sippy cups to my male guests -- or maybe Jackson's bottles. I just don't want to put the little guy down if the carpet isn't clean. Yish!

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