Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Newest Addition

We got her!!! So I filled out some adoption paperwork weeks ago on this adorable little girl named June Bug.

We were so excited however, they took a while to get back to us so we thought we were going to be too late again. BUT then the call came two weeks ago today! They called and said we could come look at her. We were so excited....but (yep another but) she had just one little health issue...she had ringworm. Worried and not knowing anything about ringworm, other than it can be transferred to humans I tried calling my vet but they didn't answer. Saddened we thought we should at least go see the little girl before we made up our minds but that we should not get our hopes up.

The second we saw her we fell in love. She came up the steps and greeted us with her little face and that was it, we were done. We went outside and sat on the patio and she instantly crawled up in my lap and began covering me in kisses. Then Jon, feeling a little jealous, called her over to him to do the same. We still weren't sure about the ringworm so we spoke to our vet the next morning and gave them a run down of what they were doing to treat her and our vet gave us the green light. So we took her home this past Friday.

Oh how she has grown in just over a week. Her ringworm is nearly all gone (it was only about the size of a quarter on her hind leg) and she is just a spitfire. I included some pictures of her now at home. She is so small next to Thunder, she just loves him so much it is adorable. It is taking some getting used to, having another dog in the house. Jon is having a bit of trouble getting used to all the extra work. I am just loving every minute...good, bad, and otherwise.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall is Coming

Ah, how I look forward to every season. The fall is come, the leaves are changing, the air smells great, and it's time to start wearing snuggly clothes again.
I think we are going to the apple orchard on Sunday. I love going there, it is in Jordan and they have the best apples and treats. We just walk around for hours picking apples, riding the hay bales, and playing at the petting zoo.

Speaking of this weekend...I couldn't be more excited I am acutally going to get to clean my house! We have been in camping/wedding season for too long. It started with camping over the last weekend of June, then went straight into the 4th of july, then started all the wedding shenanigans. The last one was last weekend and it was a really good time but man am I broke and exhausted. I really want to clean my house, it is terrible right now.

I am also looking forward to finishing some dressers I bought. See, I bought these two dressers that were antique (nice name for old) and I have been slaving over the one removing layer by layer of crusty paint (seriously couldn't the previous owners have just sanded it then painted it instead of painting crusty layer after layer?). That one is the smaller of the two and I will be painting it white. It's pretty cute it has the original glass knobs and everything. The other one is wooden and that one is the easier of the two and I will be painting it black and have pewter knobs to match the end tables I already did.

So I guess I don't really have much going on. My dad goes in for double hernea surgery tomorrow. He is a stuborn old mule and he thinks he will be just fine but in reality both herneas have been festering for over a year and with his previous heart attack and bad eating habits I worry. That's tomorrow so we'll see...lots of time in bed with the tv and a few books for him.