Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold as ice

Bananas it is super cold out tonight. Ugh so I have been super tired lately however, with how cold it is outside I am not really feeling like I missed anything. It is probably also good being we are trying to pay off our new laptop. Once we found out about the pregnancy Jon and I sat down and made a list of things that we wanted to buy before we no longer had money for anything. Jon wanted a new laptop (he is a techno snob so it had to be this bells and whistles type), we both wanted a new camera and small little flat panel tv for our bedroom, and I wanted living room furniture that matches. So far we got our new tv and laptop and have paid off the tv with the sale of our old two computers! Now we are just selling off some other stuff to put money towards the laptop.
The new laptop is nice, Jon gets way more use out of all the features than I do but whatever makes him happy. I am just happy that now we have a faster computer to get my Zune working and better music on my shuffle.

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Amanda said...

I thought we were always going to be poor to.. But if you shop old navy clearance you can find great deals and remember they dont need everything... Shop craigslist for a bouncer/swing and stroller that can save a lot of money. I wish craigslist was around for me. Dont worry $ wont be as bad as u think