Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Addition To the Reicherts Clan

Okay so Jon's older brother is getting married this Saturday and though I am glad for them it sure has been inconvenient for us. We have had to shell out money for the suit to wear (which when he was in our wedding we had to pay for his tux), the dress for me to wear, a hotel room (though to their upset not at the $200+ a night place the wedding is at), gas money down there because it is out of town (in a town that neither of them are from), the bachelor party that we had to pick up his older brother for, everything included in the bachelor party, and now it gets better....
The best man (jon's other older brother) who we had to pick up becaues he didn't have gas money to come to the bachelor party we again have to find a way to go get him because he has no money for him and his kids to get to the wedding. Jon's little brother is already paying for the hotel room so they can stay on Saturday but now they want us to go up north 1.5 hrs to get them to drive south 1.25 hrs then let them stay in our room Friday because they don't have one. WHAT?!!? Then the brother getting married thought Chris (the youngest) could go get them Friday drive back from Red Wing to Bloomington (another 1.25 hrs) and stay at MY house without us (no thankyou the oldest has 5 kids who taunt my dog and have never not broken anything) just so Chris can take them all down to Redwing 1.25 hrs Saturday before the wedding... Oh and Chris is driving MY jeep.

WTF!!! Joe (the groom) should go get them himself and NOT put it on us because we are all (jon, chris, and I) already paying dearly for their wedding and for the oldest to get his shit together. Did I mention that Joe has a larger company vehicle than my Jeep that he gets FREE FREE FREE gas in?!?!?!?

Serioulsy, what more can people ask of me?
Oh and I may have forgot to mention that after the weekend of basically giving Joe and Rob (the oldest 2) money we woke up Monday to find that our refridgerator has died and taken our food hostage. So we had to go out and spend $1,000 to get a new one on the spot (the vacation money we had to finally take a trip together with).


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Amanda said...

I would for sure say something... Its crazy amd very stressfull for you two. To the point where its ruining your enjoyment of the occasion.. Good Luck ;-)