Sunday, April 27, 2008

Earth Week

So I have decided that my my contribution for earth week will be to save paper and start my diary online. Now I currently do lots of other things to help make our happy little planet a little better but each year I try to add something new.
My husband and I are big believers in trying to make the planet a little better for our children...I just wish my parents would have done the same.I understand that not everyone believes in global warming... okay fine but I don't understand what issue they have with at least trying to make the place a little better? It's amazing how everyday I see people go out of their way to use more energy, literally! On a daily basis I see people take several extra steps just to hit the handicap button to open the door. Really? Do you need to use the extra energy to open that about opening it the old fashion way saving energy and extra steps?
I am glad to see more places every day are adopting a greener attitude. Though my husband thinks it is shameless that people are marketing things that are "green" in order to attract more buyers. I guess I feel that if nothing else it maybe conveys the message that green is important to those who maybe wouldn't believe in it.So, turn off that light when you leave the room, say pass to the bag at the store, and recycle that bottle...even one little step is better than nothing at all.:-)

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